Klarex® Health is with you every step of the way…

whether providing health and wellness with our KLAREX® CHS hand sanitizers and masks, bringing public awareness of minutes leading to sun damage with our SOLAWARE® index, or offering tissue sample processing and storage with our Seal’N Freeze® cryopreservation system built by researchers for researchers. Each product is manufactured to the highest standards to give you the confidence you deserve.

KLAREX® is a growing portfolio of PPE, sanitizers and skin care creams.

KLAREX® CHS is an 80% alcohol liquid hand sanitizer, formulated to meet the World Health Organization’s standards and recommendations, leaving your skin virtually germ and bacteria free.


Effective protection for your health

A digital sun safety education system that measures the local UV radiation level in real-time and displays the average time until viewers can expect to experience skin damage – if preventive actions are not taken immediately.
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UV awareness, education and protection

A portable, cryogenic freezing device for the simultaneous processing of multiple tissue samples.
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Innovation in cryopreservation