About Us

Klarex® Health, LLC, is a U.S., Connecticut-based company offering the following products:


In response to the overwhelming demand for, and market shortage of personal protective items caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, KLAREX® was created when we determined the need to utilize our GMP-certified manufacturing facilities’ excess capacity to produce the World Health Organization’s recommended formulation for hand sanitizer. KLAREX® is currently distributed in three primary regions United States, Hungary and Spain. With KLAREX®, our hope is to deliver a fairly-priced, effective and critically-important product for the health and safety of the public during this challenging time. Visit our website.


SOLAWARE® [patent pending] is nationally devoted and locally invested in creating healthier communities by providing a comprehensive and scalable system that can be deployed to ensure accessible sun safety awareness, education, and protection at the point of exposure. Established in 2016, SOLAWARE® was launched by a group of students at the Quinnipiac University Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship. As the company grows, so does our approach to UV awareness. Follow our sun safety journey and join our list of communities and businesses providing sun protection measures for their residents. Visit our website.

Seal’N Freeze®:

Seal’N Freeze® [patent pending] Cryotrays® and Box are the ideal system for precise sample orientation, storage, and transportation. The Seal’N Freeze® Cryotray was developed for use in our lab to address common challenges in frozen tissue sample processing and storage. The Cryotray consists of four molds, designed for easy separation and batch processing of multiple tissue samples simultaneously. Sealable lids provide optimal protection for storage and ensure the uniform shape of each frozen sample. Our Seal’N Freeze® Box was developed to maximize your efficiency by freezing up to four samples at the same time, hands free and with optimal temperature control. Visit our website.


Klarex Health, LLC launched as an independent company on Jan. 5, 2021 as a result of the strategic restructure of the global biomedical company, Vanessa Research, Inc. (VRI). The three international brands: SEAL N’ FREEZE®, SOLAWARE® and KLAREX® , spun-off from VRI to form the new Hamden, Conn.-based company which markets innovative products for cryopreservation (SEAL N’ FREEZE®), sun safety awareness (SOLAWARE®), and health and wellness (KLAREX®). The Klarex Health, LLC organization also sells non-branded PPE such as gowns, goggles, gloves, and more.